What are we

“Sports for Life” is an organisation for youngsters to encourage them in sports, and to provide them a solid platform to perform in national and international arena. We are consistently delivering the highest form of sports education in Karachi.

“Sports for Life” opened its doors in 2010. Initially, we were only supporting Table Tennis in Karachi and sponsored Govt. Jamia Milia Girls School, Malir in Table Tennis. In 2014, we have expanded our scope to over 10 educational and sporting activities.

We believe strongly that everyone should benefit from the physical, social and psychological activity, and recognize that for most people, especially children, enjoyment is the primary reason for participating in sport. To help us achieve these aims, our qualified coaches plan and deliver all our sessions in accordance with the curriculum.

“Sports for Life” encourage youngsters in different sports. The organisation has the services of professional and semi-professional males and females, who visit schools and sports arenas on regular basis and give coaching and tips to youngsters. It will help them sharpen their skills in sports.

We support youngsters to perform at national and international level. We encourage sport professionals to give tips and coaching to youngsters. It will also give them a chance to earn a better living through sports.

“Sports for Life” is working towards the development of some of Pakistan’s raw talent in various sports, through our athlete scholarships and knowledge building programmes.